Underwater Inspection

Underwater Inspection Services | ROV and Sonar

HOIST is pleased to offer a budget friendly alternative to a certified diver inspection. Our in-service remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection will provide you with a general inspection of your offshore facility while satisfying state and industry regulation requirements.

These inspections are completed with a ROV operated one certified Pilot in lieu of a three or four man required dive team

Although the report received with the ROV inspection is not as thorough as a diver inspection, it can be used as an alternative inspection when a diver inspection is not budgeted for or desired. The ROV inspection comes complete with a narrated DVD from the live inspection feed along with a standard inspection checklist of the installation. All aspects of the offshore facility are inspected for structural conditions, signs of settling, and corrosion in accordance with all applicable standards

ROV inspection for Cargo Offloading Hoses to check for loose bolts, third party impact damage, abrasion, kinking, leak detection devices and other early signs of deterioration.