Rope Access

Rope Access

Rope access is fast becoming the preferred method of carrying out inspections and tests, finding usage in various industries across the globe Our management approach encompasses the entire project management of the inspection process ranging from planning, resource management, work scope, work pack compilation and data analysis. Hundreds of satisfied clients around the globe vouch for our professionalism in service. Our Qualified and experienced personnel are professionally trained and Certified by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and being operated under the guidelines of the IRATA international code of Practice.
HOIST Rope Access specialists always stood a head of other companies because of the commitment and dedication that they offer to their clients.

Our Activities:
  • Derrick Inspections
  • Hull Inspection and Class Surveys
  • Dropped Objects Protection Scheme (DROPs)
  • Fixing Gas Detectors / Fire Detectors
  • NDT On Crane Booms and Overhead Runway Beams
  • Specialized survey team for FPSO/FSO/Rigs and Oil Platforms
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

An effective Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) plays an important role in supporting the safety practices of a platform

Our team will scan an area for any potential falling hazards with the aim of preventing future dropped objects.

This can cover everything from lost fittings to pipe clamps and ladders to hand rails and includes the checking of all primary and secondary securings. We check for potential static and dynamic dropped objects.

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