Lifting Services

HOIST is an independent, impartial Inspection company registered and approved by Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) Our vast experience includes specialist programs for cranes ,hoists, loose lifting equipment, offshore equipment , overhead and other structures, forklifts trucks, lorry mounted ,tower cranes and mobile cranes. We go further than basic inspection as it is crucial our clients have confidence in the integrity of their safety critical lifting equipment

Scope of HOIST Test and Inspection Facilities

Our staff can carry out the following disciplines:
  • Legislative inspection of all types of manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric lifting equipment
  • Legislative inspection of overhead crane systems including runway and gantry structures
  • Legislative inspection and test of runway beams in lift installations shafts
  • Legislative inspection of mobile and pedestal deck cranes
  • Proof load test of all types of manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric lifting equipment proof load test, inspection and MPI of lifting equipment
  • Proof load test, inspection and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) of overhead cranes, derrick structures, mobile and pedestal deck cranes
  • NDT of steel wire ropes (click here to read more)
Standard Features of Inspection and Testing
  • Performed by a skilled engineer
  • Performed to a recognised repair schedule or at customer’s request
  • All inspections carried out according to HOIST and LEEA standards.
  • All inspections logged into and recorded within the Online Certification system.
  • Optional Features of Testing and Inspection Service
  • Automatic reminder for inspection programme.
  • Access to online reporting system to view inspection records on line.
  • Access to online reporting system to view required corrective actions.
  • Storage on online reporting system of third party inspected gear.
  • Standard monthly budget scheme available.
Advantages of using HOIST Testing and Inspection Services
  • All Lifting Centres are BS EN ISO 9001 approved facilities
  • All Lifting Centres are members of The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA)
  • Engineers trained to HOIST and LEEA standards


Rope Access

Rope access is fast becoming the preferred method of carrying out inspections and tests, finding usage in various industries across the globe Our management approach encompasses the entire project management of the inspection process ranging from planning, resource management, work scope, work pack compilation and data analysis. Hundreds of satisfied clients around the globe vouch for our professionalism in service. Our Qualified and experienced personnel are professionally trained and Certified by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and being operated under the guidelines of the IRATA international code of Practice.

HOIST Rope Access specialists always stood a head of other companies because of the commitment and dedication that they offer to their clients.

Our Activities
  • Derrick Inspections
  • Hull Inspection and Class Surveys
  • Dropped Objects Protection Scheme (DROPs)
  • Fixing Gas Detectors / Fire Detectors
  • NDT On Crane Booms and Overhead Runway Beams
  • Specialized survey team for FPSO/FSO/Rigs and Oil Platforms
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

An effective Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) plays an important role in supporting the safety practices of a platform

Our team will scan an area for any potential falling hazards with the aim of preventing future dropped objects.

This can cover everything from lost fittings to pipe clamps and ladders to hand rails and includes the checking of all primary and secondary securings. We check for potential static and dynamic dropped objects.


  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  • Eddy Current Flaw Detection
  • ​PAUT
  • Ultrasonic Continuous Scanning (Pipes & Plating)
  • Material Lamination Inspection
  • Structural Damage & Defects Inspection
  • Tank Internal Condition Assessment
  • Pitting Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle / Fluorescent Inspection
  • Fluorescent Leak Test InspectionWelding Inspectors
  • Rope Access Inspection & CCTV Inspection



HOIST is your single source for the most comprehensive package of oilfield tubular services worldwide No matter where you are, what you need, or where you need it, call on the industry’s number one performer:

HOIST provides Inspection Services for:
  • New Pipe
  • Used Pipe
  • Drill Pipe
  • Sucker Rods


Underwater Inspection Services | ROV and Sonar

HOIST is pleased to offer a budget friendly alternative to a certified diver inspection. Our in-service remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection will provide you with a general inspection of your offshore facility while satisfying state and industry regulation requirements.

These inspections are completed with a ROV operated one certified Pilot in lieu of a three or four man required dive team

Although the report received with the ROV inspection is not as thorough as a diver inspection, it can be used as an alternative inspection when a diver inspection is not budgeted for or desired. The ROV inspection comes complete with a narrated DVD from the live inspection feed along with a standard inspection checklist of the installation. All aspects of the offshore facility are inspected for structural conditions, signs of settling, and corrosion in accordance with all applicable standards

ROV inspection for Cargo Offloading Hoses to check for loose bolts, third party impact damage, abrasion, kinking, leak detection devices and other early signs of deterioration.


Cargo Offloading / Loading Hose Inspection

HOIST provides a range of Cargo Offloading & Loading Hoses to provide a means to safely transfer product from fixed offshore installations to shuttle tankers. The hose is normally used for transfer of crude oil and liquid petroleum products. The hose range includes submarine and floating type hoses, in configurations to suit various loading facilities and installations worldwide.

High construction quality and design integrity is validated by independent construction surveillance and prototype testing. The hoses are manufactured, tested and certified in accordance with OCIMF requirements.

ROV Internal external inspection of the hoses was also performed checking for loose bolts, third party impact damage, abrasion, kinking, leak detection devices and other early signs of deterioration. The internal and external inspections can be done within 2 working days with no down time.

  • FPSO/FSO Tandem Crude Oil Loading/Offloading
  • LNG FPSO Tandem Condensate Offloading
  • CALM Crude Oil Offloading
  • Leak-Detection
  • ICS integration
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Interface Analysis/Design Verification